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Choosing the right auto insurance coverage levels is important not only to keep you legal on the road, but to keep your personal assets protected in the event of an accident. 


There are two parts of coverage. The first is the liability section of the policy to cover your financial responsibility for injuring others which can be legally required in most states. 

The second part is of the policy covers your property/car itself with comprehensive and collision coverage.

Medical, car rental and other coverages may be added upon request by you or suggestion by your agent. Please advise that some states may require medical coverage by the law. 

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Businesses need business insurance because it helps cover the costs associated with property damage and liability claims against your company. Business owners may have to pay out-of-pocket if you don't have business insurance.


Therefore, commercial business insurance is an important aspect of any business that cannot be ignored especially if the business premises are leased or rented and even otherwise.

Regardless of your commercial insurance needs, Mogul Insurance Group will assist you step by step and we can design a protection program that’s right for you.

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Starting a business involves many activities related to organizing the organization. The process includes generating of an idea for the enterprise (called concept development), researching the idea’s potential for success, and writing a business plan.

Mogul insurance will provide services that you can step up and keep going

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Home insurance covers the house structure including your personal belongings. As a homeowner with tangible assets, you need the protection of a homeowners insurance policy. 

These policies can cover you in a home or apartment regardless if you are a owner or renter. These policies will not only cover homes and your personal belongings during a loss, it will also be your first line of defense against lawsuit from someone injured at your home. 

The cost of this coverage is determined by many different factors which is why Mogul Insurance Group offers you comparative quotes and bundle services with trusted reliable companies so you can choose and get the best possible rate. 

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